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Over the last 200 years, the primitive skills man developed and honed for thoursands of years have been almost lost due to mass production and technological advancements.  Since November of 2015 Trail Blazer Survival School has been offering survival skill courses to keep these primitive skills alive. Our mission is to continue passing these skills on to each new generation.

Trail Blazer Survival School provides primitive skills training in an affordable format that extends an opportunity for all to learn these skills.  No matter what your reason – preparing  for disaster, society collapse, being lost in the woods, or merely to re-bond with your roots – you can develop a “tool chest” of skills that will give you the ability to survive as our ancestors did.

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Wilderness Survival: 7 Tips that may save your life.

1. Let others know where you are going and when you should be back. Whenever I go on a hike or backpacking trip I let someone know exactly where I will be getting on the trail, my itinerary, and when the latest I will call them by. This way if I don’t call they can […]

I’m Lost In the Wilderness, Now What?

As a Wilderness EMT I encourage everyone to learn wilderness survival at a  survival school.  On average every year, 36% of Search and Rescue calls are for individuals who get lost in the wilderness.  The largest share of those who get lost are day hikers, not backpackers.  Why?  Backpackers who go on multiple day hikes […]

Rule of Threes (3)

When taking excursions into the wilderness, our survival school teaches the idiom “Rule of Threes” to remind our students how to order their priorities: • You can survive three (3) minutes with severe bleeding or in icy water. • You can survive three (3) hours without shelter to control heat loss • You can survive […]


Shelter – Clothing

Any reputable Survival School will teach you that when we are out on a wilderness adventure we need to be cognizant of the weather during our time outside.  Factor such as temperature, rain, freezing rain, and snow will determine your shelter requirements.   Your first shelter consideration is the clothing you wear against your skin.  Your body loses heat through a process of conduction,  convection, and radiation to the air.  Your body tries to regulate its temperature through perspiration (sweating) on […]