Rule of Threes (3)

When taking excursions into the wilderness, our survival school teaches the idiom “Rule of Threes” to remind our students how to order their priorities: • You can survive three (3) minutes with severe bleeding or in icy water. • You can survive three (3) hours without shelter to control heat loss • You can survive […]

Survival Shelter – Clothing

When out on a cold weather survival adventure in a wilderness area we need to be more cognizant than usual of the weather.  Unlike being in an urban area where we can go into a commercial building or home when we are inadequately prepared for outside conditions, escape from the elements become much more difficult […]


Survival Schools teach that a shelter is the means of sustaining one’s core body temperature.  It is your primary means of protection against the elements.  Our bodies, in general, regulates its temperature through various mechanism to maintain a temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit (37 Celsius).  Body temperatures as low as 95 Fahrenheit (35 Celsius) or as […]


Fire is crucial to every survivalist’s tool belt.  It is an integral part of self-reliance.  It can be used for warmth, for purifying water, for cooking, for signaling, for providing security, and for light.  Never underestimate the need for fire. Join the conversation, and share with us your favorite firecraft methods in the comment section.

Water and Food Procurement

Water and Food Procurement are what separates the ability to survive and the ability to thrive.  Water is essential to life, and food fuels the body for the rigorous requirements of surviving in the outdoors.  The amount required for each can increase dramatically depending on factors such as temperature, environment, and expenditure of calories.  You […]