Survival Courses

Our multi-day courses are a series of hands-on survival classes that provide essential survival skills you need to address survival emergencies, survival situations, and to live in the wild. We focus primarily on the primitive skills instructed through a combination of demonstration and practice with a full-time wilderness survival teacher. These survival classes have been designed to teach you skills that allow you to flourish in the wilderness with no more than a knife.

The courses can be taken as one master course (16 consecutive days) or divided into 3 survival courses, a wilderness first aid, a plant identification and a . The basic course (survival in the Aetheric Desert) usually lasts two days, the intermediate course (survival in the desert) four days and the advanced course five days. & Nbsp; NOLS Wilderness First Aid is a two-day training and one-day identification.

If you have any questions about our courses, please call us. (864) 263? 3850 Our multi-day classes are a series of survival courses designed to teach every survival skill you need in wilderness survival.  We focus primarily on primitive skills taught with a combination of demonstration and hands-on, by a full-time wilderness survival instructor(s). The survival courses are designed to introduce and give you practice with the survival skills to allow you to thrive in the wilderness with only a knife.

The courses are structured into either one Master Course (16 consecutive days) or 3 courses ranging from basic to advanced in difficulty.  The basic course (Essential Wilderness Survival) is two days usually over a weekend, the intermediate course (Applied Wilderness Survival) is four days, and the advanced course is five days.  There is a NOLS Wilderness First Aid is a two-day course, and one day of plant identification. 

If you have any questions about our courses, please feel free to call us at; (864) 263-3850