Advanced Wilderness Survival

Have you taken our Applied Wilderness Survival Course?  Then you are ready to take your wilderness survival training to the next level.  Join us for our nine days of learning and adventure. During your stay, you will be learning the primitive skills necessary to survive in the wilderness with confidence.  Once your done training, take some time in the evening to fish our lake, hike our beautiful trails and just before climbing into your tent at night join us and relax around the central fire.  Meals provided to ensure you get a minimum amount of calories per day.

The 9-day Advanced Wilderness Survival Course takes students beyond survival, and into a state of self-reliance, fully capable of living long-term in the wild with nothing but your skills.

This course is intended to prepare individuals to go out into nature and live for extended periods of time but also is designed to prepare you to survive when rescue is delayed or absent.   In a true survival situation, there is no guarantee of rescue. Primitive living is essential for long-term survival.

You will learn:

  • How to construct a long-term shelter
  • About advanced fire starting methods
  • Advanced trapping techniques
  • How to butcher, and process small game
  • How to process meat, cook and make jerky from it
  • How to make rawhide and useful hide cordage
  • How to build a Survival Bow and quickie arrows
  • How to make a fish and crawdad basket trap
  • How to make a Gill net, and other survival fishing tactics
  • How to make usable stone tools  (and bone tools when available)
  • How to identify wild medicinal and edibles plants, and how to use
  • Basic orienteering w/out a compass or map

This course requires that you have already mastered our “Applied Wilderness Survival Course” or received equivalent training. Certificates from other schools excepted on a case by case basis. Please contact us.